retrain the brain

Our mind is the most powerful tool we have in the transformation of ourselves.+ feeds positivity. – feeds negativity. Everything thought we explore is triggered by the world around us. And more importantly the world inside us. This moment right there, is make or break time. Two paths are presented:

  • we are propelled into success. YAY! You navigated the obstacles and kept pushing on


  • we wrap ourselves in fear and hover right there in that moment. And right here is where we get into the nitty gritty of why and how.

Our mind will try to think in the way it is used to. What is known. What feels safe. The trigger will automatically flick you into your default setting. Whether it is fuelled by fear, hurt, guilt or protection – you mind is in fight or flight mode. Do I run away or stay and fight?
Take a breath.

The moment this is battle to you, you have already lost.

Take a breath. THINK- What triggered me?

Take a breath and Acknowledge.THINK – What am I thiniking?

Take a breath and Acknowledge.

Think – What am I seeing?

Take a breath and Acknowledge.

THINK- What am I feeling?

Take a breath and Acknowledge.

THINK – What will I do?

Take a breath and Acknowledge.

NOW- you have AWARENESS.

It’s game changer time.

The power shifts right into your hands. You hold it all.

THINK- What do I choose to do?

Take a breathe and Acknowledge.


Celebrate the step forward. High five to you!
Repeat when necessary. As often as needed.

In nutshell you just retrained your brain. Re-wired your thinking. And that means positive change. It won’t be smooth sailing. You will fall back into old thinking patterns. You will have a tantrum. You will have a hissy fit. Have it! Get it out of your system. Then get back on track.
So lets get into ‘what just happened there…’:YOU:

  1. Recognised the trigger – The WHAT just happened moment!
  2. Identified the impact emotionally, mentally & physically to yourself.
  3. Did some hard THINKING – What am I thinking? Is my mind positively looking for a solution? Am I feeling sorry for myself?
  4. Have your AHA moment! The “Yes I Get it Now!”
  5. Action- what action will I take? Recgonise the negative impacts and ask yourself what am I going to do?
  6. Made a choice.
  7. DID – followed through and committed to action.
  8. Celebrated with a YES I did it!

And remember always


❤️ Sonita

the ‘in between’ of yesterday, today and tomorrow

The sun rose this morning and without fail it rises. And in the evenings without fail the sun sets. It is a given. It marks our yesterday, new day and end of day.

We use it as a measure of our success for the day. What we didn’t get done, we say, ‘Tomorrow’. So tomorrow comes and the sun rises. As it has always done. And as it will continue to do way beyond our lifetime. And we once again get on with life. Some things get done and some things don’t. The ones that don’t we say ‘Tomorrow’.

It is usually the same ones we didn’t get done yesterday.

If we think about it, tomorrow and yesterday never really exist. Tomorrow and yesterday change as the sun rises and sets.

So when we say tomorrow we are given ourselves an out. We are committing to, ‘I will get it done’, which is essentially putting it off.

So when the sun sets tonight… instead of saying tomorrow. Give it a date. Give yourself a tangible, reachable and achievable goal that actually exists in reality.
And when the sun rises, look at the goals you set for that date and get on with the getting it done.

Or you could just live in the ‘in between’ of yesterday, today and tomorrow. Of course the nothing will get done and nothing will change.

Live in the today.

Use yesterday as your teacher.

Set your goals for the future.

Yep, that’s right, you have to work at it.

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one step at a time

For many of us, well me anyway, I can get lost in the have to’s, need to’s and must do’s. The perfect recipe for disaster. And the perfect formula for ‘do too much’, ‘think too much’, ‘feel too much’ and that equals – ‘nothing gets done’.

So all those dreams, year long goal setting, flutter out the window as you push yourself to the limits with ‘big picture ideas’.

I am a planner. But way too often I get caught up in the ‘achievement hype’ driven by the ‘let’s see results hype’. And in that hype we forget that success is a series of steps. You take one step at a time towards the goal. But we blindly run. Skip steps. Eye on the prize we sprint for the finish line. Only to discover all we really have is a whole heap of nothing.


It’s simple. To achieve success. To ‘manifest’ our visions, dreams and goals we have to have a daily plan.

Otherwise, we get caught up in the ‘big picture’.

When really we need to focus on the ‘smaller picture’.

We need a plan – a daily plan, weekly plan to guide our thinking, feelings, actions and choices to align with the big picture goals.

Small steps- one step at a time. Break it down. Be clear with yourself. Make it workable for you. Give yourself the best possible chance to succeed.

Every goal needs action. Can’t get anywhere without it.

Action is the ‘what’. Be clear. Be specific. What exactly are you going to do?Next.. yes there is a next. Ask yourself:

What will I see?

What will I feel?

What will I know?

These questions give you key insight into the what next.

This is so important. Why?

Because you need to know what is working or not.

If it is – AWESOME keep working it.

If it’s not- change it or get rid of it.

No point wasting time on anything that is fast tracked to the town of nowhere.

Especially when your goal to be somewhere.

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I said yes

I was scared to follow my dreams. For most of my life I doubted myself. Felt that I wasn’t good enough. I remember I was also the quiet one- not because I couldn’t speak but because I was afraid to speak. Afraid for people to see me, hear me. Afraid they would judge me- affirm my worst fears that I wasn’t enough. I didn’t want to risk it. So scared that I would be ridiculed or shut down. My insecurities were crippling to me. They paralysed me with fear. I didn’t know how to break free. Years and years I would hide in the background. I would let others take the limelight.

I believed I wasn’t the ‘enoughs’. I gave up. Surrendered all my hopes, dreams and passions. I settled for a life that just was. I gave up on my dreams. I gave up on myself. the funny thing was, life didn’t give up on me. It pushed me. It threw me in situations. It slowly built up my voice so it could be heard. It forced me to face my fears. Life didn’t give up on me. No matter how much I pushed it away, it remained vigilant in its pursuant to propel me along my path to fulfil my destiny.
I fought it. I cried. I threw tantrums at it. I succumbed to the darkness in me. Turned out the lights.

Yet life didn’t give up on me. It reached in and with just one spark of light coaxed me out of my darkness and back into my life.

I didn’t understand – why did it remain faithful? Why didn’t life just stop? Didn’t it understand I didn’t believe in me. I gave up on me.

I was overcome with failure. I was overwhelmed with disappointment.

But life did understand. It pushed harder. New situations were thrown at me, each one showed me my strength, my courage, my bravery and most importantly, that I mattered. That I was important. It forced me to make choices. To invest in me. To back be. To feel and know I was important, valued and worthy.

Life showed me that I was always going to feel scared, that my insecurities would plunge me into darkness. BUT the choice to fight through, to walk forwards meant I would always succeed.What did I want? The question still to this day is one I ask myself often. It changes but the main goal is to live with and in love every minute I am alive.

Life is committed to me- so was I going to commit to life?

I said YES.

I am really glad life didn’t give up on me.

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Which Way?

As I approached the fork in the path, I could feel the nervousness flood my body.

The closer I got the more I wanted to run away.

I didn’t want to make a choice.

I slowed my steps, forced myself to continue. I couldn’t stop the forward momentum.

So I tried to slow it. The choice loomed large in front of me.

Left? Right?

Which way?

Which is the right way?

How do I choose?

My nervousness turned to anxiety. Sweaty palms. I couldn’t breathe. I looked upwards to the Heavens.

Help me, please. What is the right choice? I don’t know. Please, tell me what to do.

Before I knew I was at the fork. I looked to both paths. One went up, the other down.


Overcome, tears sprung from my eyes.

I didn’t want to make a mistake. I didn’t want to choose wrong. My body heaved as the fear gripped my being.

Somebody tell me which way.

But there wasn’t another soul in sight. It was just me.

The choice was only mine to make. I sat for hours and waited. Nobody came.

Slowly I stood up.

My body trembled.

I gulped the air into my lungs.

I took a step forward.

Peered down each path as far as my eyes could see.

Confused I turned from one to the other.

Shall I throw it to fate?

Shall I toss a coin?

I can’t decide.

A breeze swirled around me.

How do I know which is best?

The wind whispered “You don’t. Whichever you chose, trust that you have everything you need to walk that path.”

I looked back and forth between the two.

How do I know?

“Close your eyes” the wind whispered.

I listen. I feel.


My mind spirals into confusion.

Overwhelmed I question myself. A gust of wind hits my face.

I inhale.

Exhale. I feel the firm ground beneath my feet.

I shake my hands. Energy sparked within me. I place my hand on my heart.

“Listen,” the voice whispers,” You know. You have always known.”

I smile.

“Which path do you see?”

I turn my body. My eyes open.

My feet move forward.

And walk that path.

The wind rushes past me.

My heart sings. My soul soars.

All paths lead to the same point, but each path carries a different journey there.

There was never a wrong choice.

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Your GPS

Hey, let me introduce myself. I’m Sonita. I have a Bachelor of Education. Spent 13 years in Leadership on school, region and national levels in innovative curriculum design, professional learning cultures, project management- the list goes on. I am also a children’s book author- my first published novel is BUTTERFLY KISSES. I also am a screenwriter- BLINK a co written project has to date won 14 awards. I am a motivational speaker/ writer- my tagline ‘You got this!’ is about being the master of your destiny.
And lastly I have psychic gifts. I prefer intuitive. I can also communicate with people who have passed over. Usually if I lead with this I get these reactions:

  • so you know what I am thinking?
  • you’re psychic you should know
  • really? (followed by the scrutinising look)
  • I don’t believe in that rubbish.
  • So you are one of those?
  • ‘the look’ – you know the one that looks down on you as being psychic somehow makes you less intelligent.
  • WOW- you are amazing!

I used to get really self conscious over the judgements and stereo types. Early on when I embraced my truth I decided I wasn’t going to be the rule- but the exception. Nothing about me is stereotypical.I was going to define my intuitive gifts- my way. God gave them to for a reason. To see what is not there- to unify all elements of my being, my mind, my intelligence. I believe our intuitive skills are part of out intellectual matrix. Intricately linked into every aspect of our being. It is a tool- that conscious or not, we use everyday.

  • It just didn’t feel right.
  • Something told me to.
  • I just knew
  • I felt it
  • My gut told me.

That is intuition at its finest.
Your internal GPS system.

Don’t sit on it! Embrace it. Use it.

You got this!


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Blanket of Love


My eyes open

Worry rumbled in my tummy

Doubt in my mind

I ranI couldn’t see anything



I cry

Then you appear

Your voice

My blanket fo love

Warmth surrounds me

I am safe

It tells me I can

When I feel I can’t

Reminds me

I am strong

And to believe

In the power of me

My blanket of love

Is like sunshine

It’s light

Flashes to me

In the darkness

I close my eyes

Hear your voice

And know I will never get lost

Like a beacon

It guides me home

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Live your destiny

It’s been a long road

Come rest

Sit for a moment

Have a look back and

See the path you have travelled

Each step is mark in your history

Linked together

Bought you to this moment in time

Some were joyous

Others challenging

But here you are

You made it through

You walked the path of your life

You did not give up

You risked

You laughed

You cried

You learned

For this you are wiser, stronger and ready

Take a moment say goodbye to what was

Absorb the insight

Carry it with you into the next phase of your journey

Time only moves in one direction

Your future is always forwards

With the hands of time

Walk forwards

Live your destiny

Your past is your greatest teacher

Your life lessons

It does not define you

You are the now

And the future

#destiny #forwards #takeamoment #teacher #learn #stronger #wiser #riskit #liveit #fate #walk #life #lifelessons #love #rest #handsoftime


Living is hard

So many who break you

Beat you down

Stomp on you

So they may rise to the top

Stand above you

Suppress you

Drain you

Leave you shattered

How long will you stand

And watch as they destroy you?

Weaken you?

You watch


And allow

When will you stop?

Open your mind

Open your heart

Release your wings

Feel your power

Extend your arms wide

And breathe

Life into you

Power into you

Strength into you

Feed your soul with the power

To stand up and stay


I am worthy

I am valueI mean something

I matter

I belong

You shakes you shoulders and watch them fall.

You will not take from me

You will walk away

My wings have spread

My soul shines

I release my power

I know my worth

I stand

Arms open and scream

I AM! #iam#soul#power#value#worth#you#backyou#belong#standtall#light#divine#release#freedom#youfirst

The Water

I stepped into the warm water

It lapped gently at my feet.

I strolled out deeper

The calmness

The peace


The stillness of beingI breathe in deep


I wade back to shore




#healing #water #peace # calm #meditation. #soul #love #life #stronger #centre #sonitasingh #writer #poetry #inspire #beyou