Of Just Pure Love

I woke up this morning and remembered

The birds called to me from outside.

So I followed their chatter

I Stepped onto the balcony we stood on and looked out

I saw the majesty of nature

The sun rising to  fill the world with its love and warmth

The birds chattering louder breaking through the stillness of the morning

Drawing my attention to listen

To hear

In their chatter I heard you

Telling me to smile on this day

A day I always remember you

They told me I was strong

And I could

Words I longed to hear from you

I smiled as the invisible breeze kissed my cheek

The birds quietened

Honouring that moment

Of just pure love



can you

just for a minute stop

just for a minute sit

can you

just for a minute

just one minute make life about you

can you

just for a minute be still

just one minute breathe

can you

just for a minute see

just for one minute feel

can you

just for a minute release

just for one minute focus

can you

just for a minute live in you

just for one minute love you

can you

just for a minute honour you

just for one minute be with you

just for one minute

can you?

#honour you #loveyou #nutureyou #focus #self #be #soul #live #happiness #balance

my supposed to be

how did I get here?

when did I get so far off track?

I ask the invisible

the answer is silence

I look around

nothing is how it is meant to be

my life at this time

is not how it is supposed to be

how did I get here?

I trace back the choices

the decisions

I made

question if, maybe, what if

would it have made a difference

if I chose differently?

Would I be standing in the ‘not supposed to be’?

It took everything to get here

every ounce of of strength I had

I pushed


crawled to arrive at this moment

I saw it so clearly

every decision made to navigate to this point

but this is not what I signed up for

This is not what it is supposed to be like

Where has it gone?

How did I get here?

Why me?

The grief pours from my body

Angry red hot is burns on its release


disappointed paralyse me

I can’t go back

I don’t want this

I want more

this is not what it is supposed to be

but this is what it is

It is not what it is meant to be

but this is what it is

do I keep fighting

or settle?

I can’t settle

I won’t settle

So I keep fighting

I keep living

I keep dreaming

I keep doing

I don’t give up

I choose to keep going

And not settle for anything less

than what I deserve

what I know is waiting there

my supposed to be

#destiny #createyourworld #loveyourself #believe #strive #fight

If i…

I see what I want

So clear

So real

Waiting for me

I watch



Thoughts swirl madly in mind


But linked

Seeking a way through

Searching for the path

To carry me into the next

Holding tight to my hope

Keeping my fear at bay

I know I must step forward

Trust that the path will appear

I know that

If I seek

If I trust

If I listen

If I take the step

I will find my path

#journey #path #walkforwards #takethestep #life #dreams #trust #seek #live #love #listen.

The Phoenix



lost in the abyss

I stumble blindly

through the darkness



the rain lashed at me

fear numbed my mind

lightning snapped

electricity surged through my body

I screamed

there was no escape

thunder boomed

every particle

every atom

every cell

exploded within me

flooding my entire being

with raw pure emotion

I was trapped

in the fury of my own storm

there is no escape

the storm must be weathered

the release must happen

for the rebirth to occur

#rebirth #release #light #evolve #thestorm #love #life #growth #power #phoenixrising #fire #thunder #lightning

You are LOVE

You are LOVE




You are LOVE

May you always know LOVE

May you always feel LOVE

May you always see LOVE

May you always think with LOVE

May you always speak with LOVE

May you always align your heart, mind and soul with LOVE

May you always

Live In LOVE

#love #life #speak #See #feel #think #be #know

You matter

I wanted to shake my head

I wanted to say no

But I saw the truth,

Felt the disconnect

You wanted me to pretend

So I smiled and nodded

I’m fine

Escaped automatically

The shield

Protecting the truth
I wanted to speak my truth

I was



Fighting the darkness

Drowning in my mind of negativity




Falling apart.

I wanted to feel connected

To believe what I felt

Was important

That it mattered

That I mattered

I decided to leave this space

And go where I mattered.
#youmatter #truth #connection #honest #love #rise #fall #talk #youareimportant #together #unity #yourpeople #yourtribe


the wind rustled the leaves

I shuddered

not from the the chill

from the deep knowing

change was coming.

the energy rippled through me



and I knew

change was here

this time

I was going to run to it

embrace all that it is


all that it will be

My body surged forwards





flooded my being

I stepped into the unknown



knowing this journey

is my destiny

#life #destiny #soul #path #knowing #intuition #journey #trust #belief #faith #believe #stirring #awakening #change

to vs to not

There is a constant battle that rages inside of us daily. We fight it constantly.the To vs To Not.
Excuses – we all use them everyday. We excuse ourselves from having to begin, to continue or stop trying.We tell ourselves:

  • when they do this I will do that.
  • when this happens I will do that.
  • I am waiting for a sign,
  • I am waiting for this or for that.
  • It’s because of them, her, him.

or the cruncher

  • just because.

We buy ourselves time to not even try by feigning more excuses-

  • I will do it tomorrow,
  • I am waiting for the right time.
  • No point beginning now.
  • Why bother, it will fail.

We hide behind our excuses BECAUSE:

  • we are scared.
  • we fear change.
  • we are terrified we won’t achieve success.
  • we will be rejected.

Your excuses hold you back from creating the life you want, are worthy of and deserve.
If you let fear lock you down, you give up your freedom to believe in you.
You settle for second best, never realising that right at your fingertips is the key to your success.
Make a choice- right here to empty your bag of excuses.
Fill with motivations and inspirations that will empower you and remind you, that above all:

  • you will have.
  • you will be.
  • you will achieve.

You got this! S xx

#yougotthis #reasons #motivation #youwill #youcan #youare #life #empower #walkyourpath #success #achieve #dreams



There is no movement

Trapped in feelings

Rampaging in my mind

What? Why? How?

Round and Round

I chase the questions

Round and Round

There are no answers

Round and Round

Spinning in circles

I can’t let it go

My hands clench

I close my eyes

And breathe

In and Out


In and Out

Slowly my mind calms

I climb off the wheel

And breathe

Free I walk forwards



#mind #freedom #free #forwards #clear #inspiration #love #breathe #offthewheel #feelings #inspiration #life #happiness